Vision, mission, & approach

Our vision

Putting people at the heart of justice.

Our mission

Through granting and collaboration we invest in knowledge and services that help people understand the law and use it to improve their lives.

Our approach

The Law Foundation of Ontario strives to:

  • Act with fairness
    We endeavour to act with fairness in all our dealings. We exercise integrity and good governance to ensure our actions, relationships and decisions are transparent and accountable
  • Be open and supportive
    We foster relationships that are open and supportive. We encourage our grantees and partners to approach us in good times and bad. Often the best ideas come from lessons learned.
  • Build bridges
    We bring our grantees, partners and other community members together around common ideas and issues. We build bridges among groups to find new partnerships and approaches.
  • Expand knowledge
    We continually deepen our knowledge of access to justice, including the contribution of community organizations. We are committed to sharing our knowledge about what is happening and what works.
  • Act as a catalyst
    We actively engage with others to assess needs, encourage collaboration, and identify promising long-term solutions. We initiate funding and action to address complex problems.
  • Support innovation
    We encourage new and creative thinking. We strive to be flexible so we can support the development of innovative and fledgling ideas.