Connecting Legal Interpretation

There are not enough legal professionals and community workers to serve clients in sign language or in every language and dialect spoken in Ontario. Nor is there widespread access to high quality interpreter services. As a result, many individuals face barriers in obtaining legal information and services. In response, the Foundation has funded the projects described below.

Training for Sign Language interpreters

This project trains Deaf and American Sign Language interpreters to work with Deaf clients who have been victims of domestic violence.

Canadian Hearing Society and legal clinics partnership

This project is a partnership between the Canadian Hearing Society and three community legal clinics. Its purpose is to:

  • Train Canadian Hearing Society workers in legal issues
  • Train legal service providers on how to work with persons who are Deaf
  • Provide sign language interpretation services, both in-person and through videoconferencing

Online training for language interpreters

This project provides online training for language interpreters. The training focuses on family, child welfare, administrative, immigration, and criminal law. It covers terminology, legal procedure, and forms. The courses use presentations, class exercises, case studies, and resource readings to explore the content.

Online training for legal service providers

This project offers online training to legal service providers, including lawyers, on how, when, and where to access interpreters. It also promotes strategies for working with interpreters in a range of legal settings.