How to Apply

How to Apply for a Responsive Grant

As part of the application process, applicants are required to:

  • Submit an application using The Law Foundation of Ontario’s Responsive Grant Application Form and Instructions
  • Provide sufficiently detailed information regarding the proposed use of funds
  • Respond to any requests from the Foundation staff for additional information in a timely fashion

Among many other considerations, the Foundation will be looking for applications to demonstrate that the:

  • Proposed work clearly fits within the Foundation’s objects, vision and mission;
  • Proposed work is not for a commercial venture or government-run project or program;
  • Proposed work will be carried out by an organization as the Foundation does not accept requests from individuals for scholarship or bursary assistance;
  • Grant will not be used to support litigation or costs directly related to lobbying, advocating or promoting a particular position on a legal or public policy issue;
  • Requesting organization has the skills and experience to plan and carry out the project; and
  • Applicant is ready to be fully accountable to the Foundation for monies granted.

We encourage all applicants (especially first-time applicants) to contact a Grants Officer for information on the application process (be sure to read the FAQs first). Once your application has been received, Foundation staff may contact you for further information as part of the assessment process. The more that the Foundation understands about your organization and your proposed program or project, the better assistance we can provide. Please remember, however, that Foundation staff must remain impartial and cannot advocate on your behalf to the Foundation board. All granting decisions are made by The Law Foundation of Ontario Board of Trustees. 

The Foundation is committed to meeting community needs including the needs of the Francophone community. Applicants can communicate in French during the grants process and will receive direct French language services during this process.

Application Schedule for Responsive Grants

Small Grants – up to $15,000 (Two application cycles per year)

Application Deadline #1 March 31
Decision By Late June
Application Deadline #2 September 1
Decision By Mid December

Major Grants – up to $100,000
(One application cycle per year)

Letter of Intent Deadline * March 31
Decision By Mid May
Full Application Deadline * June 30
Decision By Mid December


* Important Note: Only Letters of Intent that are approved in May will be invited to submit a full application in July. However, an invitation to submit a full application is not a guarantee that you will receive funding in December.

  • On occasion, grant applications may be sent to an outside expert for review on a confidential basis.
  • Please remember, there is no guarantee that your application will go forward on any specific Board meeting date.
  • Successful grant applicants will receive a Letter of Agreement which will contain Grant Terms & Conditions. We recommend that you review the terms of this Agreement before you submit a Letter of Intent or any application for funding. Special conditions may be attached to the approval of an individual grant.