Community Leadership in Justice Fellowships

Brenda Young, CLJ Fellow 2016-2017

Brenda Young, Community Justice Director for the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation, will complete her CLJ fellowship at the Faculty of Law at Western University.

About the Community Leadership in Justice Fellowships

These Fellowships connect leaders in public interest organizations with Ontario universities, law schools, and community colleges. The partners work together to improve access to justice and promote professional excellence.

The fellowships:

  • Provide professional development and renewal for a recognized community leader.
  • Strengthen the bond between academia and public interest organizations.
  • Broaden and enrich faculty and students’ academic experience through innovative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Build bridges across disciplines for the benefit of the broader community.

The fellow’s responsibilities include:

  • Research
  • Teaching or co-teaching courses
  • Mentoring
  • Activism and leadership

Activism and leadership may be accomplished through public lectures, discussion groups, collaborative projects, and network-building between researchers and public interest organizations.