Investor Rights 2019 Call for Applications


The Law Foundation of Ontario is making a call for applications to its national Access to Justice Fund (ATJF) in the area of investor rights, in particular their legal rights. This initiative provides a unique and exciting opportunity to advance the protection of investor rights. The opportunity for granting is in three areas: research; projects; and articling fellowships.

Many ordinary Canadians invest in the market to provide needed income but they may lack financial literacy or expertise and require information and protection when navigating the often complex landscape. Without adequate information and protection, the rights of retail investors, especially the most vulnerable, may be compromised and it is these investors who are of special interest to The Law Foundation of Ontario.


The Law Foundation of Ontario makes grants to advance access to justice. ATJF grants are made to nonprofit organizations across Canada.


The Investor Rights 2019 call welcomes applications for:

a. Research
Qualitative and/or empirical research for the study of investor rights, including research into the protection for investor rights in the Canadian capital markets.

Research could include an analysis of:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of current regulatory regimes
  • Investors’ abilities to exercise the current rights and remedies available to them
  • Current legal information, legal services, and dispute resolution mechanisms

b. Projects
Innovative projects in the area of investor rights.

The projects could be:

  • In the areas of legal information and education or pro bono services
  • To strengthen the capacity of the nonprofit organizations to protect the legal rights of investors

c. Investor Rights Articling Fellowships
Nonprofit organizations may apply for a grant to hire an articling student to work to advance investor rights. The organization must meet the requirements of the provincial body that regulates the legal professions.

Grant amount

Research and project grants – up to $100,000
Investor Rights Articling Fellowship – up to $69,500 which includes salary, benefits, licensing fees, and other related expenses

Application process and deadline

Application deadline – July 15, 2019

For research and project grants:

For articling fellowship grants:

Before you apply

We strongly encourage applicants to read the applicable FAQ and speak with a Grants Officer before applying.

  1. Read the FAQ
  2. Read the sample Letter of Agreement
  3. Review our regular reporting requirements
  4. Discuss your idea with a Grants Officer


All granting decisions are made by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The Foundation promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion and welcomes grant applications that meet the diverse needs of Ontarians.

The Foundation is committed to meeting community needs including the needs of the Francophone community. Applicants can communicate in French during the grants process and will receive direct French language services during this process.

We accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities in our grantmaking process.