Cy-près awards received by the Access to Justice Fund

Many courts have approved The Law Foundation of Ontario as a fitting and accountable recipient of cy-près awards. Below is the list of class actions that have generated a cy-près award for the Foundation’s Access to Justice Fund to date:

  • Cassano v Toronto Dominion Bank, 2009 CanLII 35732 (ON SC)
  • Skopit v BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc (8 November 2010), Essex County CV-10-15239 (ON SC)
  • Smith Estate v National Money Mart, 2010 CanLII 1334 (ON SC)
  • Wein v Rogers Cable Communications Inc, 2011 CanLII 7290 (ON SC)
  • Markson v MNBA, 2012 CanLII 5891 (ON SC)
  • Carom v Bre-X Minerals Ltd, 2014 CanLII 2507 (ON SC)
  • Krajewski v TNOW Entertainment Group (February 2014)
  • Lee Valley Tools v Canada Post Corporation (15 October 2014), Toronto 06-CV-320840 CP (ON SC)
  • Occhiuto v Agropur Cooperative and Natrel Ontario Inc (15 August 2014), Toronto 05-CV-283533CP (ON SC)
  • Lawrence v Atlas Cold Storage Holdings Inc (4 December 2014), Toronto 04-CV-263289CP (ON SC)
  • Mlinaric v North American Palladium Ltd (16 September 2014), Windsor CV-11-16787 (ON SC)
  • Edwards v Swisher Hygiene Inc (13 February 2015), Windsor CV-13-20282CP (ON SC)
  • Poole v PetroMagdalena Energy Corp (26 October 2015), Windsor CV-11-16208 (ON SC)
  • Martin v Southwestern Resources Corp (15 January 2015), Vancouver S075049 (BC SC)
  • Simmonds v Armtec Infrastructure Inc (31 May 2016), Toronto CV-11-16465 (ON SC)
  • Carom v Bre-X Minerals Ltd (20 April 2017), Toronto 97-GD-39574 (ON SC)
  • Arshi v Iovate Health Sciences Inc (6 February 2018), Toronto CV-09-377907-00CP (ON SC)
  • Cass et al. v. WesternOne Inc. et al. (27 July 2018), Toronto CV-16-554457-CP (ON SC)

See the list of the Access to Justice Fund grants made from these cy-près awards.

If you are considering directing a cy-près award to the ATJF and have questions, please contact Tanya Lee, Chief Executive Officer at or 416-598-1570.