What we do

Each year, The Law Foundation of Ontario awards millions of dollars to many carefully selected grantees. Through the work of grantees, and through funds paid to Legal Aid Ontario, the Foundation is carrying out its mission to advance access to justice in the province.

From its creation in 1974 until now, The Law Foundation of Ontario has given out over $1 billion in grants and to Legal Aid Ontario.

The Law Foundation of Ontario:

  • Helps administer and transfers 75% of net revenue from mixed trust accounts to Legal Aid Ontario
  • Makes grants to support a wide range of nonprofit organizations to help people to understand the law and to use the law to improve their lives
  • Make grants to law schools to support experiential learning, diversity within the profession, and other access to justice initiatives
  • Strengthens the nonprofit justice sector through paid fellowships and articling positions within academia and nonprofit organizations
  • Initiates and invests in innovative research and projects to explore new ideas and approaches to access to justice
  • Fosters collaborations with diverse partners from within and outside the justice sector
  • Recognizes outstanding justice champions through our signature Guthrie Award
  • Administers the Class Proceedings Fund to support the independent Class Proceedings Committee

Watch our video to get to know the Foundation a little more and click on the links below to learn about activities and programs we support.