What We Do

Each year, The Law Foundation of Ontario awards millions of dollars to many carefully selected grantees, including both new and long-standing partners. Through the work of grantees, and through funds paid to Legal Aid Ontario, the Foundation advances its mandate to improve access to justice. From its creation in 1974 until now, the Foundation has given out over $1 billion in grants and to Legal Aid Ontario.

The Law Foundation of Ontario trustees and staff take an active and engaging approach to our work. We respond to innovative grant requests from community organizations. We provide funding to legal institutions such as law schools, law libraries and the Law Society of Ontario. And we are proactive in designing and funding special programs that we believe will make a difference.

Foundation grants enable the organizations we fund to carry out innovative projects, provide important services, and conduct ground-breaking research. In the case of the Access to Justice Fund, the Foundation’s reach extends beyond Ontario to promote access to justice in all parts of Canada. The Foundation encourages grantees to collaborate with others to make the greatest impact on access to justice.

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