Grant modification requests

We understand that at times, projects do not unfold smoothly according to the work plan and budget submitted with the grant application. If you are contemplating any significant changes in project objectives, scope, budget or project lead you should contact your Grants Officer in advance. In addition to the benefit of keeping us informed of your project’s progress, your contemplated change may require approval by either staff or the Board of Trustees.

Requests for grant modifications should be made in writing, via email, to your Grants Officer. If you’re not sure if your proposed modification is significant enough to warrant a formal request, please contact your Grants Officer to discuss.

The most common grant modifications are outlined below. As always, please include your ‘LFO grant number’ in all communications.


Request to extend grant period end date

  • Propose a new ending date for the grant.
  • Explain why more time is required to complete the project.


Request to revise the budget

  • Prior approval for a budget revision is required in any of the following instances:
    • if the amount to be reallocated can be considered significant;
    • if there is a significant change in any individual or collective amount allocated to salaries, remuneration or stipends; and
    • if a budget reallocation results in line items needing to be added or deleted from the existing approved budget.
    • As the definition of significant will vary from grant to grant, we encourage you to call your Grants Officer who will determine whether you must submit a formal request to revise the budget.
    • Budget revisions/reallocations must include an itemized revised budget compared to the original (or most recently approved revised budget).
    • Include a written narrative indicating why the change is needed and explaining the impact on other budget line items.


Request to modify activities and/or deliverables

  • Prior approval is needed for a material change to the activities and/or deliverables that were set out in the approved grant application.
  • Indicate why the change is needed.
  • Include a revised work plan if appropriate.
  • It may be necessary to include a request to revise the project budget depending on the extent of the proposed modifications.


Request to change project lead (note: this does not apply to a CLJF grant)

  • Indicate the reason for the change in project lead.
  • Include the new project lead’s resumé and contact information.