Acknowledgement of the Foundation grant

Acknowledging your grant

Every organization, project, and program that has received a grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario is required to acknowledge the grant.

The acknowledgement requirement is part of the funding agreement and reporting requirements that we have with all grantees. All grantees outline their proposed acknowledgement activities in their original grant application and they report on these activities in their final report. Grantees must sign their funding agreement before they publicly acknowledge the grant and announce the funded activity.

The information below and on the linked webpages will help you understand how, and why, to properly acknowledge your grant from The Law Foundation of Ontario.

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Why is acknowledgment necessary?

The acknowledgement of your grant is necessary and important.

The Foundation has a responsibility to be transparent and accountable in its grantmaking. The acknowledgement of your grant is one of the most broad and visible ways to communicate our funding investments. And, when you properly acknowledge your grant, it helps raise people’s awareness and understanding of the Foundation and our mission. More support for our mission means more support to continue to fund worthy organizations such as yours.

Describing the Foundation

There may be times, such as in media releases and reports, where it is appropriate to include a description of The Law Foundation of Ontario. Please use the following paragraph. (If you wish to use a different description, please speak with your Grants Officer first.)

About The Law Foundation of Ontario
Established by statute in 1974, The Law Foundation of Ontario is the sole foundation in Ontario with the mandate of improving access to justice. Through granting and collaboration, the Foundation invests in knowledge and services that help people understand the law and use it to improve their lives. Learn more at

Media and publicity efforts

In some cases, the Foundation may ask grantees to involve us in preparing for the project’s public launch and media activities. This would most often apply to projects that are quite unique, large in scale or reach a new area or population. These coordinated efforts to prepare and send media releases, and other publicity materials, help both organizations reach a larger audience.

Even if not contacted by the Foundation, we strongly encourage all grantees to let their grants officer know about their media and publicity plans. With prior notice, there are ways we can help communicate the news about your project.

Share your stories and photos

We are always very happy to share your success stories!

If you have stories, media coverage, photos, or videos that highlight the work funded by the Foundation, please share them with us through your Grants Officer. We are most interested in material that features people, especially the people you have helped.

Before you send us any material, please make sure you have written permission from the person or people featured, and from the videographer or photographer, to publicly share this material. We are not able to share material without this written permission. (You can download this example in Word of a permission form if needed.)

Provide samples of materials

A sample, even in draft form, of any news release, poster, flyer and other promotional material intended for the public should be sent to the Foundation before it is finalized, where practicable.

In short, please keep us aware of what you are developing and distributing so we can help you appropriately acknowledge the Foundation and also support you in promoting your good work.