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2018 call for applications for Responsive grants

January 9, 2018

Are you a nonprofit organization with an idea to improve access to justice for Ontarians? Then apply for a Responsive grant.

The Responsive grants program enables the Foundation to fund ideas generated by nonprofit community groups to improve access to justice. Each year the program includes one round of major grants (up to $100,000) and two rounds of small grants (up to $15,000).

Responsive grants aim to encourage new ideas, innovations, approaches, and relationships that can help address emerging needs and connect more people to legal information and supports, especially people who are not currently being reached. These grants have provided seed funding for hundreds of innovative projects across Ontario.


Small Responsive Grants
Up to $15,000
Application deadlines: March 31, 2018 and September 1, 2018

Major Responsive Grants
Up to $100,000
Letter of Intent deadline: March 31, 2018

For information about grant criteria and how to apply, please visit the Responsive grants webpage. If you’re interested in applying, we encourage you to review the Foundation’s full listing of grants made and to contact one of our Grants Officers with any questions or ideas you may have.