Investor Rights

This call for applications has been completed and we are no longer accepting applications. You can read about the grants awarded by The Board of Trustees.

Funding to Advance the Protection of Investor Rights in Canada

The Law Foundation of Ontario invites applications from across Canada to the Access to Justice Fund (ATJF) in the area of investor rights. This initiative provides a unique and exciting opportunity to advance the protection of investor rights through innovative projects.

About the Access to Justice Fund (ATJF)

The LFO created the ATJF in 2009 after receiving a $14.6 million cy-près award in the class action Cassano v TD Bank. Since the launch of the ATJF in May 2010, the LFO has made over 100 grants for a total value of over $14 million. Learn more about the ATJF.

With the receipt of new cy-près awards in 2014, the LFO has the opportunity to continue granting through the ATJF. The first opportunity for applications is in the area of investor rights. Class actions often involve investor rights and granting in this area was a condition of one of the cy-près awards the LFO received.

Investor Rights – Call for Applications

  • This is a national call
  • Applications are welcome from non-profit organizations from across Canada
  • Collaborations among organizations with different areas of expertise and from different areas of the country are encouraged

Types of Projects Eligible

The call is for innovative projects that advance the protection of investor rights, in particular their legal rights. Many ordinary Canadians invest in the market to provide needed income, but they may lack financial literacy or expertise and require information and protection when navigating the often complex investment landscape. Without adequate information and protection, the rights of retail investors, especially the most vulnerable, may be compromised.

Acceptable types of proposals include (but are not limited to):

  • Objective research regarding investor behaviour, preferences and biases, the results of which can be used, for example, to inform legal education programs or to support regulatory reform aimed at protecting investor rights
  • Projects that evaluate how effective current investor education initiatives are in advancing the protection of investor rights
  • The development and delivery of investor education related to the exercise of legal rights based on best practices
  • Investor education or other projects that help avoid investment fraud especially with respect to vulnerable groups (such as seniors)

Grant Amounts

An applicant may apply for a maximum of up to $100,000 in a single grant application. A single application may request more than one year of funding. For example, an applicant may apply for a grant to cover a two-year project up to a total grant amount of $100,000.

Application Process and Schedule

There is a two-stage application process:

Stage 1: Letter of Intent
This stage of the application process was completed as of November 30, 2015 and the call is now closed.  The Foundation will confirm receipt of all Letters of Intent that were received by the deadline via email within one week of the closing date.

Stage 2: Full Application – By invitation only
Decisions about who will be invited to submit full applications will be made in due course.  Applicants will be notified one way or the other in early 2016. Download the application form here.

Questions? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information, please contact Kirsti Mathers McHenry, Director Policy and Programs, at 416-598-1550 ext. 310 or We encourage all applicants (especially first-time applicants) to contact LFO staff for advice on the application process.

Want to share information about the Investor Rights Call for Applications in print? Download our summary document.