Committee Members

The Law Foundation of Ontario appoints one member of the Class Proceedings Committee and the Attorney General also appoints one member. Three members are appointed jointly by the Law Foundation and the Attorney General.

Members appointed jointly by the LFO and the Attorney General:


Wendy Earle_Class Proceedings Fund

Wendy J. Earle
Toronto, Ontario

Paul Evraire_Class Proceedings FundPaul Evraire, Q.C.
Special Counsel (Retired)
Department of Justice
Toronto, Ontario

Scott C Hutchison, CPC Committee, LFO

Scott C. Hutchison
Senior Partner
Henein, Hutchison LLP
Toronto, Ontario

Member appointed by the Attorney General:

Kim Twohig

Kim Twohig
General Counsel (Retired)
Ministry of the Attorney General
Toronto, Ontario

Member appointed by The Law Foundation of Ontario:

Jasminka KalajdzicJasminka Kalajdzic_Class Proceedings Fund
Faculty of Law
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario